Eliminate Negative Emotions Before, During and After Trading!

  • Do you sometimes feel fearful pulling the trigger?
  • Do you sometimes feel impulsive and anxious pressing the button?
  • Do you have a tendency to micro manage your trades and miss out on larger profits?
  • Do make foolish decisions after a bad trade and lose more than you should?

5Those of you that answered yes to most or all of the questions don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Every trader has felt and experienced these types of negative emotions. Every trader knows that discipline, being able to follow through with your trading plan is critical to trading success. If you have ever run-up losses, cut profits short, overtraded or failed to pull the trigger, or perhaps you simply want to create greater consistency in your trading then this is the session for you. This Trading hypnosis session was designed to train your mind to begin to let go of fear, doubt, anxiety and stress, along with building clarity and concentration with the intention to enhance your trading skills and abilities. This will enhance your current capability to continue to remain calm and objective throughout all market conditions to be able to continue to protect profits and minimize losses. It begins to teach your autonomic system (subconscious mind) in your natural ability to remain calm, concentrated and rational, throughout the full waking state to lessen the negative consequences of fear, anxiety and greed.

This Session Was Designed To:

  • Strengthen Effective Trading Habits
  • Develop Mindfulness
  • Relax Your Mind and Build Muscle Memory at the Subconscious Level
  • Enhance Your Stress Management (while in a trade)
  • Dispel Any Negative Belief Systems You Might Have
  • Help Develop Your Level of Unconscious Competence

This guided meditation, visualization and relaxation audio series will enhance your trading and make you much more effective if/when you are presented with uncomfortable situations like a trading loss or a missed opportunity.


This package contains 2 Hypnosis session one for the morning and one for bedtime as well as an affirmation session.


Instructions on how to use this will be sent out with the digital audio package